External Drawings in Teamwork

Note: If you do not have this right, you cannot place an external drawing into the project, nor can you re-link an existing Drawing to any external source. You can, however, delete or copy a placed external drawing after reserving it; you can also update any drawing.
If you have this right, just use the File > External Content command to place a drawing as usual.
The external Drawing may have its source in another Teamwork Project. In this case, use the File > External Content > Place External Drawing from Teamwork Project command.
Note: Keep in mind that if you link a drawing from a Teamwork project, that source Teamwork project must have the same version number as the host project.
Important: To access the server and its projects, your user name must be present on the Teamwork project’s User list.
To use the Drawing Manager commands, you must have reserved the Drawing(s) that you are managing.
Exception: You do not have to reserve the Drawing in order to Update it.
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