Project Mark-Up

Use the controls of the Mark-Up Tools Palette (Document > Mark-Up Tools) to add Mark-Up Entries to the project, based on any 2D or 3D view of the project.
A Mark-Up Entry can include:
The appearance of an Entry depends on its Mark-Up Style. A Style consists of two colors: for Corrections and for Highlights. It is an attribute defined in the Mark-Up Styles dialog box.
Mark-Up Entries in a solo project can be communicated to others via any output of the Publisher. Partners can open the file in ARCHICAD, review the mark-ups, and add comments to the discussion.
Note: BCF is an open standard format officially endorsed by buildingSMART. BCF is used by many structural, MEP and model checker programs to add comments, screenshots, camera position and 3D cutting planes to IFC models.
Mark-Up entries in a Teamwork project can be shared directly: just assign any of your entries to another logged-in member, who is alerted to the Mark-Up via an automatic message.
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