Activation of BIMcloud Basic is not Possible with Social Media Accounts Anymore

Affected versions: BIMcloud Basic 2019.3 and older

Starting from the 15th of August, 2019, signing in to GRAPHISOFT ID with social media account is not possible anymore. This change was executed to the extent of safer and more reliable data-handling.

What should I do if I wish to use my existing social media based account to activate BIMcloud Basic?

First steps of BIMcloud Basic activation does not change. Click Activation on the Servers page, BIMcloud Manager's Licenses tab.

If your GRAPHISOFT ID account is based on a social media account, clicking on either Google or Facebook button will redirect you to the Help Center to get further assistance on how to transform your existing account to a regular GRAPHISOFT ID.

After you transformed your account, you can activate your BIMcloud:

  1. Open your BIMcloud Manager web interface
  2. Log in to your BIMcloud Basic again if needed
  3. Click on Activation and follow the steps
  4. Sign in with your GRAPHISOFT ID
  5. Finish Activation process