The Servers page lists the servers, organized into folders, to which you have access. It contains two server types:

BIMcloud Manager (only one instance is possible)

BIMcloud Server. Multiple BIMcloud Servers may be present.

You can use folders to organize these servers in any way you like, e.g. all servers located in the same office go into one folder.

View options

On the Servers page, the Navigator has two view options:

Tree view: Hierarchy is displayed 

List view: All servers/folders are displayed in a list. Their location in the hierarchy is displayed in the second line of each item. This view type is easier to sort, because it omits the folder hierarchy.


The following filters are available to narrow down the items displayed in the Navigator: 

All: Display everything

Servers: Display only the servers without the folders in a flat list

Folders: Show only the folders

Running: Show the currently running servers only

Stopped: Show the currently stopped servers only

You can Focus on folders to limit the number of displayed items to its child elements only. 

In a focused view, the items in the Filter pop-up will change and the filters will only apply to the focused branch of the hierarchy. Quit from focused view by selecting the Show All filter or clicking the Focus button on the focused item.

Expanded View 

In expanded view, the following columns are available:



Free space

Last activity

Last backup

Active users

Use these columns to quickly sort among your servers. Switch to flat list view to sort globally (otherwise it sorts within folders only).