The BIMcloud User License

Note: Not relevant for BIMcloud Basic, for which User License is not required.

Each user joining a project on the BIMcloud requires a BIMcloud User License.

The BIMcloud Manager component handles all license management tasks centrally. (Of course, ARCHICADs still need access to the ARCHICAD protection keys.)

Automatically Reserved License

When a user opens a Teamwork project in ARCHICAD, he/she gets an automatically reserved BIMcloud User License, provided there are enough licenses available.

This reserved User License allows the user to join any number of projects on the same BIMcloud from ARCHICAD and/or BIMx. (If the user joins a project from both applications, then a single BIMcloud User License is sufficient; no additional license is required.)

If a user works on multiple projects that are located on more than one BIMcloud, then each BIMcloud will automatically reserve an additional license for that user.

A BIMcloud User License remains automatically reserved until the user closes ARCHICAD, or goes offline for any reason.

Once he/she joins again: If there are no more available BIMcloud User Licenses, then the user can only work offline.

Assign License Manually

It is possible to manually Assign a BIMcloud User License to a particular user. A manually assigned BIMcloud User License remains permanently assigned to the user even after he/she closes all projects on the BIMcloud or goes offline.

An Administrator can Revoke a manually assigned license for any user, in BIMcloud Manager (either the Users page - Licenses Panel, or the Servers page - BIMcloud Manager - Settings Panel). If available, an automatic license is then reserved for this user.

BIMcloud Manager - Licenses Panel

User Settings

Information on Available Licenses

To view detailed information about the currently available/used licenses, open the BIMcloud Manager and navigate to the Servers > BIMcloud Manager > Licenses panel. (The BIMcloud Manager can be used without reserving a license.)