Key Features of BIMcloud

BIMcloud consists of:

BIMcloud Manager: Management function of BIMcloud

BIMcloud Server: Model handling component of BIMcloud. One or more BIMcloud Servers can be installed to the same or separate computers

BIMcloud Delta Cache: Optional component which optimizes data transfer between ARCHICAD clients and a BIMcloud Server

Browser-Based Management

The BIMcloud Manager is a browser-based management interface that controls each aspect of the BIMcloud. This is a zero deployment tool in the hands of server managers: start a web browser on any computer, enter the address of the BIMcloud, and log in with his/her credentials. This solution does not even require a desktop computer or a laptop: any tablets or mobile phones with the Internet access can utilize this interface, on a screen display adjusted to the device’s parameters.

In addition to server managers, regular users can access this interface to review the status of their projects, access the project Activities list, and modify their personal parameters (e.g. password). Of course, they can access only those resources of the BIMcloud where they have adequate permissions.

Folder-based Project Organization

 Note: Folder structure is limited to a single level in BIMcloud Basic.

The project management interface allows users to create folders for projects and servers. 

Large firms with many projects must be able to organize them into a logical hierarchy. The folder logic is up to the company's strategy: set up folders based on studios, offices, project types, owners or architects. The folder organization even allows for setting up several completely different business units on the same BIMcloud. The visibility of these folders can be controlled based on responsibilities.

The folder organization is not limited to projects. Folder hierarchies enable managers to quickly and centrally modify backup strategies and access permissions, because lower-level folders and items in the folder hierarchy inherit these parameters from a higher level. Changing the backup settings for the folder immediately changes the backup settings for all the projects in that folder and all its sub-folders. If for some reason a particular project requires unique backup settings, these can be easily customized without affecting the whole system inheritance.

Note: Inheritance is not available in BIMcloud Basic.

Folders can be also useful for organizing the BIMcloud Servers (for example, all BIMcloud Servers located in a particular office can be organized in a single folder). Their settings are inherited within the folder hierarchy, just as for projects.

Standardized, Secure Communication

All BIMcloud components use the standard http (or https) protocol for communication. The http protocol is a common and accepted protocol in the IT industry; most (if not all) of any company's network infrastructure is already capable of supporting it, and there is no need for further investments.

The https protocol is a trusted and secure communication channel used by all online banking systems and most online email applications. Utilizing the company's existing certificates, ARCHICAD is able to communicate through this secure channel, enabling work on a BIMcloud from a remote location and preventing 3rd parties from accessing sensitive data.

Multiple BIMcloud Servers

Note: Not available in BIMcloud Basic.

The BIMcloud is centrally managed through the BIMcloud Manager, whose browser-based interface provides central management of the BIMcloud Servers, BIMcloud Delta Caches and ARCHICAD clients. 

Allows multiple BIMcloud Servers to function within a single BIMcloud

Keeps track of a project's location

Maintains a single, integrated list of users with their defined roles

For a Teamwork user, the new solution presents no difference in interaction: he/she joins or opens the desired Teamwork project as usual. The BIMcloud Manager automatically redirects to the correct project on the correct BIMcloud Server and ensures the automatic connection without any user interaction. If a server administrator shifts a project from one BIMcloud Server to another, the user can work without interruption, without needing to sign in to a different BIMcloud.

See BIMcloud Servers Page.

Streamlined User Management, User Groups

Note: Not available in BIMcloud Basic.

The BIMcloud integrates user management with the company's existing corporate user directory, using the worldwide standardized LDAP protocol.

A large company with many employees generally has a User Directory service. The BIMcloud - like other software (e.g. email server, intranet) - can connect to this User Directory, or even to several user directories simultaneously. User directory groups can be replicated on the BIMcloud Manager. Additional and/or ad-hoc user groups can be created if needed.

Users who log in to their office computers use the same login name and password to join a Teamwork project. This can greatly simplify the maintenance of the company user list. See BIMcloud Manager - LDAP Panel. 

Detailed Management Permissions

Note: Not available in BIMcloud Basic.

The BIMcloud allows the fine-tuning of user permissions for all resources on the BIMcloud (e.g. users, roles, libraries…).

A large firm with far-flung offices may well have multiple users with different levels of server manager competencies. The BIMcloud allows you to configure this at a very detailed level. For example, each server manager has access only to the users he/she needs to manage. Similarly, a server manager's right to manage hardware functions (e.g. restart) can be limited to a particular server/module. 

If subcontractors are also allowed to work on the BIMcloud, their access can be restricted to their particular project: they will not be able to see any other projects, users or settings of the BIMcloud.

See Access Panel.

Multi-Language Support

The language of the BIMcloud Manager interface can be changed on the fly from a language pop-up - located at the top-right corner of the interface.

Companies with multiple offices across multiple continents will probably use the local languages in each office. To avoid enforcing the language of the main office (where the BIMcloud Manager is hosted), users from the local offices logging in to the BIMcloud Manager can change their language to a preferred one. This change has no effect on anyone else in the company, or on the settings and modifications made on the BIMcloud Manager.

BIMcloud Delta Cache

Note: Not available in BIMcloud Basic. 

If multiple ARCHICAD clients are working from the same location, while the project is hosted on a remote BIMcloud Server, the same data must be downloaded multiple times - once for each client. This redundancy increases server load and reduces available bandwidth.

The BIMcloud Delta Cache component optimizes data transfer between the ARCHICAD clients and a BIMcloud Server by caching the data on the client side. Once an ARCHICAD client downloads a part of the project, the data will be cached locally by the BIMcloud Delta Cache and offered to the next ARCHICAD client who requests the same data.

Performance Improvements

Note: Not available in BIMcloud Basic.

The BIMcloud Manager can connect to multiple distinct servers via a common interface. By adding these additional server computers, the manager can optimize server performance by load-balancing the projects manually among different computers, without affecting the work of the users.