Teamwork and Project Mark-Up

In a Teamwork Project, the Mark-Up Tools Palette includes a Teamwork Panel:


The Mark-Up Entry is owned by the user who created it, or to whom the Mark-Up Entry has been assigned.

If a solo ARCHICAD project is shared, any Mark-Up Entries it contained will not be owned by anyone in the Teamwork Project. The Assigned to field in the Teamwork Panel shows “None” until it is assigned to a user.

“None” means that the Mark-Up Entry currently has no owner, because it was created in a non-Teamwork project, or because its previous owner has logged out of the project.

Every user can see the Mark-Ups of others, but they can only edit the ones that they own.

Elements in a Mark-Up Entry cannot be Reserved, Released or Requested.

Mark-Up Styles, a project Attribute, can be reserved/released/requested in the Mark-Up Styles dialog box, just like similar data sets in Teamwork.

A user can assign ownership of any of his/her Mark-Up Entries to any other logged-in user:

Assign Your Mark-Up Entry To Another User

1.Activate the Mark-Up Tools palette (Document > Mark-Up Tools).

2.Select the corresponding Entry on the Mark-Up Entries panel.

3.In the Teamwork panel, click the Assigned to: pop-up and choose a user.


4.A Message automatically appears, addressed to the chosen recipient, with a default text: “The Mark-Up Entry has been assigned to you...”


5.Click Send. The Mark-Up Entry is been assigned to the chosen recipient, who receives a message to this effect in his/her To Do list.