Getting Started with MEP Modeler

Hardware/Software Requirements

The hardware/software requirements for using MEP Modeler are identical to those of ARCHICAD.



To run MEP Modeler with your commercially licensed copy of ARCHICAD, you need a separate license for MEP Modeler. (This license can either be located on a hardware protection key, or a network license.) The license is automatically reserved when you start any of the MEP functions, provided that a free license is available.

Note: To reserve a MEP Modeler license every time you start ARCHICAD, check the “Reserve MEP Modeler license when ARCHICAD starts” option in MEP Preferences dialog. (See MEP Preferences.)

Borrow License

If an MEP license is available but has not been automatically reserved for you, you can reserve it manually.

1.From the ARCHICAD Help menu, choose License Information.

2.From the Available Products list, select MEP Modeler.

3.Click Borrow License.

Note: The License Borrowing feature is available only with the CodeMeter NET protection system. See

If You Don’t have a License

If you do not have a license for MEP Modeler, do one of the following:

•Consult your ARCHICAD distributor to obtain one, or

•Use ARCHICAD in demo mode together with MEP Modeler. To do this, switch ARCHICAD to demo mode by removing the ARCHICAD protection key. MEP Modeler’s full functionality is available.

If you have successfully installed MEP Modeler and begun work, but your MEP license is later missing for any reason while you are working with MEP Modeler, a Warning informs you that you have two choices:

1.Obtain the missing license, then continue working; or

2.Continue working in ARCHICAD, without MEP functionality. (The MEP Library remains available, but MEP functions such as Routing are grayed.)


To use the MEP Modeler Add-On in ARCHICAD, you must install the program.

Download the MEP installer from

When installing MEP Modeler, you must be logged on as a member of the Administrator Group.

Start the installer. The installer wizard will guide you through the installation process.


To uninstall MEP Modeler from a PC, it is best to use the “Programs and Features” item from the Control Panel. Alternatively, navigate to the “Uninstall.MEP” folder in your ARCHICAD folder, and select the “Uninstaller” application.

On a Mac, navigate to the “Uninstall.MEP” folder in your ARCHICAD folder, and select the “Uninstaller” application.