Introduction of 3D Styles

New View Option: Switch display style of any 3D view with one click

Define preset 3D modes in 3D Styles dialog (formerly 3D Window Settings)


New shading mode: monochrome that retains transparency information.

New contour options in OpenGL and Vectorial engine - refined adjustment settings for thickness and color.

Options for Vectorial Engine: 

Normal contour


Line settings for Vectorial Hatching

Shadow contour

Options for OpenGL Engine: 

Contours on/off, a Draft/Best options, and uniform setting for contour thickness

Active preview icon

New Background option - two color (Artificial Horizon) option.

Extended options for shadow settings both in OpenGL and Vectorial Engine.

New options to turn off headlights and highlights in OpenGL mode, for a more graphical flat shaded view.

See 3D Styles.