Interoperability Workflows: Structural Design, Energy Analysis and MEP

A building’s architectural design and its physical structure are closely interrelated: on one hand, the architectural design of the building defines the structure; on the other hand, the structural design of a building reflects the overall architectural design. As structure has become a visual and aesthetic part of the design in modern architecture, structures must be as light as possible while maintaining complete integrity. Also, the structure must be optimized for performance and price. ARCHICAD provides sophisticated design information along with the necessary level of model detail. This information can be directly imported through IFC or other formats into specialized software to run structural analysis and design.


Structural Analysis with Bi-Directional IFC Connection

IFC allows the ARCHICAD model to be shared with major and local structural solutions such as Tekla Structures, Autodesk Revit, SAP 2000, Etabs, Scia Engineer, Dlubal, Graitec, Tricalc, Cype, Axis VM, FEM-Design etc.

For the complete description of ARCHICAD’s structural solution please read: