Collision Detection

ARCHICAD has a built-in Collision Detection function. Use it to detect collisions between any two groups of 3D model elements (using criteria defined by you.)

For example, you might run Collision Detection:

Between construction and MEP elements. (MEP elements can come from hotlinked or merged external MEP IFC files, or else modeled inside ARCHICAD.)

Between concrete and steel construction elements

Between elements classified as different product/element types (by Uniclass, OmniClass, UniFormat or any other classification system)

To check the clearance for escape routes or access for the disabled



ARCHICAD Building Materials can be defined according to whether they should participate in Collision Detection (using a checkbox in the Categories and Properties panel of Building Materials). This way, only element parts having real geometry will participate in Collision Detection. For example, an MEP element (e.g. duct) that runs through a Building Material used as an air gap will not be considered as collision.