Extending BIM Data and Team Communication to External Stakeholders on Mobile Devices

Effective communication of the design intent to external stakeholders (clients and contractors) plays an important part in the day to day life of the architect. BIMcloud used together with BIMx on mobile devices enables architects using ARCHICAD to share their Teamwork projects with these stakeholders.


BIMx users can easily contribute to the Teamwork project from any location using their mobile devices. They can effortlessly browse through any part of the published Teamwork project documentation, be it a 3D perspective or a 2D floor plan. Thanks to BIMx’s revolutionary Hyper-model technology, all 2D documentation is interlinked with the 3D model. Besides the ability to communicate with anyone from the project team in the context of the BIM project, BIMx users can also highlight and redline any part of the architectural documentation. The redlining will be saved within the message and made instantly available to the design team members in ARCHICAD. These model-based communication and mark-up capabilities result in much more straightforward interactions between the architect and client/contractor, reducing valuable management time and effort for all stakeholders.

Users wishing to benefit from Teamwork messaging on mobile devices must be using both BIMx and BIMcloud. (BIM Server does not support this functionality.) The architect using ARCHICAD must publish a BIMx Hyper-model as a separate file and make it available for BIMx users either through a public file sharing service (e.g. Dropbox), or by publishing it directly to GRAPHISOFT’s BIMx Model Transfer Service.

Note: BIMx and BIMx PRO (which has extended features) are available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The architect can filter the published BIMx model using the Info Set property, which controls the type of model element information available to viewers of the BIMx model on a mobile device: e.g., the data defined in particular Interactive Schedules, or the data defined in each element’s Classification and Properties panel.


In order to access the BIMcloud project, the BIMx user must be a valid BIMcloud user and join the BIMcloud project via BIMx on his/her mobile device. Joining a BIMcloud project via BIMx requires a BIMcloud User License.


After successfully joining the Teamwork project, the BIMx user can freely access all the layouts and model views of the published project. He/she can send an instant message to any member of the project team, and can include any project view within the message.


Furthermore, the BIMx user can create redlining markups in the context of the 3D model and include these within the instant messages.


The recipient, whether on BIMx or ARCHICAD, will then be able to open exactly the same view of the project and see the markups made by the BIMx user.