Format Wizard: Layout Tab Page


The Format Assistant/Wizard dialog box opens with the Layout tab page by default.

Select a Graphic Template to edit from the Layout Names list at the left-hand side of the tab page.

In the list, factory default and locked templates appear in gray. Default templates are wired into the ARCHICAD resource code and cannot be edited; only the details can be viewed in the Format Assistant/Wizard.

Editable layouts appear in black print and can be customized individually.

All existing layouts can be duplicated, including default and locked ones. The copies are freely editable.

Duplicate, rename and delete selected layouts using the corresponding buttons below the Layout Names list at the bottom left of the Layout tab page.

Note: To edit the template of a locked list scheme, first unlock it in the Setup List Schemes dialog.

Layout Type

Define the layout type of the selected graphic template from the Layout Type pop-up list page.

To order pages vertically, choose Single Column.

To organize pages in a grid system, choose Tiled.

Layout Details

Click Details to define individual settings for either option (Single Column or Tiled).


For a Single Column list:

Define the Line Gap between two consecutive list items

Choose the Layout Scale to be used when pasting the list into ARCHICAD views

Note: The Auto option will use the current scale of the Floor Plan.

You can type any remark in the Comment field. The comment appears in the Info field of the Format Assistant/Wizard.

For a Tiled list:

Use the Grid fields to define the number of horizontal and vertical cells, then define the gaps between them in both directions.

Use the Cell Sequence buttons to organize the direction that the cells should follow each other.