Elements Tab Page

This is the first tab page. Use the controls (filters) in this page to select the construction elements to be calculated.


Filter by Element Type


Use the filter buttons with the familiar tool icons to determine which element types to list and which to exclude from report calculations. Click the All checkbox to select all construction element types.

Note: Unchecking the All checkbox will activate the custom setting last used.

Filter by Label and ID


Use these checkboxes to further filter he Element List for any element without an associative label and/or elements that have no associated ID.

Reduce Wall Quantities Based On Opening Size


The Reduce Wall Quantities option allows you to set the minimum size of wall opening that will be taken into consideration by ARCHICAD in wall surface and volume calculations. Type the size limit in the text field in accordance with local building code or project requirements.

Filter by Layer


Elements on unchecked layers will not be calculated. The pop-up menu allows you to list elements on All layers, Visible layers or Selected layers.

Filter by Story


The Stories scrolling list allows you to include elements placed on selected stories in calculations. Elements on unchecked stories will not be calculated. Click the All boxes to select all stories.

Filter by Property Objects


Use the Linked Property Objects pop-up list to determine whether you want to select particular Property Objects to further elaborate listing criteria.

Choose All if you do not want to use this filter.

Choose Elements Linked to Selected Property Objects if you wish to calculate elements to which certain Property Objects are assigned either by criteria or in the element’s own Settings dialog box.

To make the Property Object selection, e.g., for listing construction elements made of reinforced concrete only, choose Select Property Objects in the pop-up list to open the corresponding dialog box.


The checkboxes next to folder names have three states: checked, unchecked, or minus. If the checkbox is checked or unchecked, all items in the folder in question will be used or ignored when filtering the project. If only some items are checked, a minus sign will appear.

View the components and the descriptors of the Property Objects at the bottom of the dialog box.

Filter Listed Fills and Objects by Viewpoint

The List Fills and Objects pop-up menu allows you to list Fills and Objects that are included in particular project viewpoints.


Once you choose a viewpoint type, a subdialog appears allowing you to choose any particular viewpoints of that type (e.g. certain Elevations) to include in this filter. (To include all viewpoints of the chosen type, check the “All” box in the subdialog box.)

To include several types of viewpoints, choose the “Any Selected Viewpoints” option, then go through the subdialog and check any viewpoints, of any type, to include in this filter.