The Setup List Schemes Dialog Box

The Setup List Schemes command takes you to a complex dialog box where you can define which element types, components or zones will be calculated by ARCHICAD to produce the required report, as well as the complexity and format of the output.


Choose the Setup List Schemes command to open the corresponding dialog box.

The Database tree (at the left-hand side of the dialog box) contains the available Databases, marked with the filing cabinet (// icon, and the List Schemes in the List Scheme folders. This list includes all the list schemes that are in databases placed in active Libraries.

Note: List Schemes will function in Teamwork projects only if you save them to the project’s Embedded Library.

List schemes are arranged in a hierarchy, organized by type in three folders: the Element, the Component and the Zone List Schemes. Each folder includes at least some default sets, even if no Library is loaded, including a Basic list.


User defined Schemes appear in the same hierarchy under the default Schemes. Plain Text Schemes are marked with spreadsheet-like icons.


Schemes belonging to a database can only create lists from their own databases.

Schemes that are independent from any database can be used for listing all loaded databases.

Select a List Scheme from the tree to see its configuration on the right.