Creating and Editing Property Objects

The New Properties command opens a new, empty Property Object file that you are able to edit using the dialog box controls and ARCHICAD’s GDL language. The effect of choosing this command is identical with that of the File > Libraries and Objects > New Object command.


Choose the Edit Properties command to select an existing Property Object and edit it in its library part master window. (You can also edit Property Objects by choosing File > Libraries and Objects > Open Object and selecting the Properties File type.)


Note: If you choose this command while any construction element is selected in the ARCHICAD Project, all directly assigned Property Objects will open automatically.

The Property Object type Library Part does not have a 3D Script or a 3D View. Otherwise, the available controls are similar to those of the other Library Part types, which are described in the ARCHICAD Reference Guide.

For more information, see the “GDL Master Window” chapter in ARCHICAD Help.