Creating Custom Components for Doors, Windows, Curtain Wall, Stair, Railing

Doors, Windows, and the hierarchical design elements (Curtain Wall, Stair, Railing) are GDL objects with many parameter choices. For example, doors in the ARCHICAD library offer you a variety of choices for door panels and doorknobs:


However, your design may need a different kind of door component - one which is not available in your library. In this case, you can draw a model element and save it as a library part, defining it as a custom component (e.g. door handle) that can then be used with your placed doors.

The possible custom components are listed under File > Libraries and Objects > Save Selection as:


For example, you can save a slab as a custom door leaf. The resulting GDL object is saved as a Door Leaf in the project’s Embedded Library. All Doors that use Door Leafs will be able to use this custom Door Leaf.

When applying the custom component, ARCHICAD will automatically resize it, if necessary. For example, you may create a Door Leaf-type Custom Component that is 1000 by 2000 mm in size. If you have a Door that is 800 by 2000 mm in size, with its Trim Width 50 mm on all sides, the Door Leaf will be resized to 700 by 1950 mm. The program will stretch/shrink all parts of the Door Leaf Custom Component proportionately to fit this size.

The automatic resize is NOT applicable to Custom Components saved as Stair and Railing sub-components. For Stair and Railing components, you must create the component in the precise size that you wish to use it in the project.

See Custom Sub-Elements for Stairs and Railings

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