Model Filter


Each IFC Translator contains defined settings for filtering the elements to be imported or exported.
However, the Model Filter options - which are accessible during the import/export process itself - enable you to fine-tune these settings. You can even filter elements one by one from a list. The Model Filter function varies depending on whether it is applied during import or export:
During export: Model Filter appears in the dialog box of the export command. Based on the “Export” settings here (“Selected elements only”, “Visible elements”, etc.), the exportable elements are listed: you can now further filter these elements by checking/unchecking their boxes.
During import: The Model Filter can be shown optionally (from Import Options of the applied IFC Translator). Model Filter in this case lists all the elements being imported from the IFC model, enabling you to further filter them by story or function (e.g. structural or HVAC), or one by one.
A tree lists the exportable or importable elements. Use this list to further filter the elements to be exported/imported.
Element filtering can be made easier by sorting the list items or grouping them as follows (Group elements by):
IFC Element Type: for example, in case of model import, the IfcWall group contains elements exported by an application as IfcWall; and in case of model export, the IfcWall group contains ARCHICAD Walls whose classification is set to the default value of “Wall”, as well as all other elements that are classified as “Wall”.
Story: IFC element types and elements are listed by their story location in the model (e.g. Ground Floor).
Layer: IFC element types and elements are listed by layer.
Element Owner: element types and elements are listed according to who created them. (In ARCHICAD, you can define this person with Project Info (File > Info).)
Further element filtration can be done by IFC Domain (Structural (IfcBuildingElement), HVAC (IfcDistributionElement) or customized settings) and/or by Structural Function, as described at Translator settings.
Note: Filtering by Structural Function works differently for IFC Import and IFC Export:
At IFC Import, the filter considers the “LoadBearing” IFC property.
At IFC Export, the filter considers the ARCHICAD elements’ “Structural Function” classification.