EcoDesigner STAR Add-On For ARCHICAD


High-end energy analysis software is necessary to produce standard-compliant documentation of building energy performance. Besides supporting the export of ARCHICAD data to 3rd party software (see Direct BIM to BEM Data Export on page 117), GRAPHISOFT also offers the EcoDesigner STAR ARCHICAD add-on, which turns the built-in Energy Evaluation function into a high-end tool for building energy analysis.
EcoDesigner STAR can be used to execute in-depth, high-accuracy calculations that produce standard-compliant energy performance rating reports similar to those of specialized 3rd party simulation software. However, since EcoDesigner STAR is integrated in ARCHICAD, it can be used earlier and more often during the architectural design process, as opposed to the conventional workflow, in which energy analysis is only run once or twice in the construction documentation phase of the design.
EcoDesigner STAR – Building Energy Performance Report Excerpts
EcoDesigner STAR is a fully BIM-integrated, certified building energy simulation program that dramatically improves the energy performance and indoor environmental quality of buildings designed with ARCHICAD, and opens new doors for fuel savings, cost savings and environmental impact reduction.