Improved Exchange with Green Software


ARCHICAD’s built-in Energy Evaluation function is designed to support interoperability with external building performance analysis applications. In ARCHICAD 20, new export options make it easier to transfer BIM data directly to building performance evaluation tools.
Export to gbXML
The Green Building XML (gbXML) open schema has become the industry standard for BIM to SIM interoperability. Use the Export to gbXML command to save project geometry and property data derived from the ARCHICAD model this file format. Similarly to IFC, the gbXML model can be visualized using dedicated viewers or graphical interfaces of building performance simulation software compatible with the gbXML format.
Export to PHPP
Certified Passivhaus buildings are designed according to a strict yet straightforward directive defined by the Darmstadt Passivhaus Institute (PHI) in order to be extremely energy efficient. PHPP is the official Excel workbook issued by PHI. The Export to PHPP button activates the dedicated dialog box, which enables you to send building information model data to the PHPP Excel workbook you specify, for post processing.
ARCHICAD 20 supports both PHPP versions 7 and 9.
Note: the PHPP Excel workbook is an independent product of PHI and is not a part of GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD. For more information on PHPP and the Darmstadt Passivhaus Institute visit the official website at