Graphic Overrides for Design Communication


With this feature, you can display the elements in any model view according to a customized graphical definition, to easily communicate the design to everyone involved.
Use graphic overrides to create thematic drawings in a semi-automatic way. You don’t have to spend time on supplementary 2D CAD work or “idle” presentation drawings. Instead, enjoy the benefits of associative 3D/BIM content.
View settings now include the Graphic Override Combination: a set of predefined Graphic Override Rules.
The new Graphic Override Rules integrate the Renovation Styles. Compared to the old Renovation Overrides, Graphic Overrides provide better control over pen color, fill types, and skin separators
You can share views having graphic overrides with consultants using other applications, by exporting elements with their current colors as IFC models.
Original View
Load-Bearing Structures in Red
Zones by Fire Rating