Graphical Favorites


Favorites - the option to save and apply named settings to an AC element - has long been a powerful feature of ARCHICAD. Yet many users have not taken advantage of it, due to the parametric user interface and limited options for synchronizing Favorites in several projects.
In ARCHICAD 20, Favorites get a fresh look and feel, right in line with the new user interface. In addition, Favorites are now much easier to use, which makes their power accessible to beginner and expert users alike.
Better visual feedback: thumbnail previews (either 2D or 3D, in medium or large size) are generated automatically based on the Favorite’s parameters.
Simplified, streamlined workflow: Apply Favorites directly from the Toolbox or Info Box.
Apply Favorite from Toolbox
In Favorites Palette: Line, Arc, Polyline, Spline Favorites are interchangeable. Similarly, use Text Favorites to update text in dimensions, labels and Fill area text.
Browse and select object-type Favorites the same way as any other library part, in their Settings dialog box.
Graphical Favorites in Library Part Settings
Extended search: Find Favorites not only by name, but also by Categories and Properties data, including stored properties.
Better Favorites management: Organize your Favorites in folders; Edit settings of multiple Favorites simultaneously; Import/export Favorites with fine-grain control.