the View > 3D View Options > 3D Projection Settings dialog box, by clicking the More Sun... button.
The Sun dialog box contains a series of sunlight/shadow settings, which are relevant to:
Set parameters for each component of the light: Sunlight (directional normal), Ambient Light and Fog.
Sunlight is the directional light falling on the project.
Note: The Sunlight color and intensity settings are considered by the CineRender Rendering Engine.
Ambient light is general, non-directional light that contributes to the overall brightness of the image, and can brighten otherwise overshadowed surfaces.
Note: Ambient light parameters affect only the 3D Window and PhotoRenderings created with the Internal Rendering Engine!
- Contribution to Ambient: Choose a percentage for how much of the Sunlight should be represented in non directional, ambient light.
Check the Fog box to apply a fog effect to a PhotoRendered image (if rendered with the Internal Rendering Engine). Choose a color and intensity (low, middle, high) for the fog effect.
Note: Fog parameters set here affect only PhotoRenderings created with the Internal Rendering Engine!
Click Project Location to define the location of the project (including Project North).
+1 hr Daylight: Check this box to adjust the hour forward for Daylight Savings Time.
Sun position: Below, view the sun position data.
Sun Azimuth: Displays the Sun Azimuth in ARCHICAD’s polar coordinates system.
Sun Altitude: Displays the Sun Altitude above the Horizon in degrees. A negative Altitude angle indicates that the Sun is below the horizon (night). This may produce completely black images.
Note: When you first open the Sun dialog box, the sun azimuth/altitude values are not editable - the values are taken from either Camera Settings or the 3D Projection Settings. If you edit other data which affects sun position (e.g. you change the date or the time, or you modify data in the Project Location dialog box), the sun azimuth/altitude fields are updated, and become editable.
Click OK to leave the Sun dialog box and apply its settings.