Pens & Colors Dialog Box

Rename: Click this button to give a new name to the selected pen set.
Note: The Rename button will not create another copy of the selected pen set; the new name will replace the old one.
Store as: If you have edited any controls of the selected pen set, the active pen set appears as “Custom” and the Store as button becomes active. Click it to save the Custom pen set:
Store the pen set under a new name (enter any name into the field); or
Overwrite a selected Pen Set with your custom Pen Set
Delete: Click this button to delete the selected pen set.
Note: To select continuous or discrete ranges of pens for simultaneous editing, use Shift-click and Control-click (Mac: Cmd-click), then click Edit Color.
The Edit Color dialog box appears, in which you can select your color graphically or numerically. This is a system-level control. (In case of multi-selection, the dialog box is called Edit Selected Colors.)
You can edit pen weight numerically using the fields in the Pens and Colors dialog box. If you click on any color in a pen set, the Description field indicates the purpose for which the pen is optimized in this pen set.
If you have edited any of the selected pen’s controls, the name of the pen set changes to Custom. To save these changes, you must click Store As and name the pen set with a unique name, or overwrite an existing pen set.
ARCHICAD offers user-defined Pen Weights associated with each of the 255 Pen Colors. Pen Weights are measured in points or millimeters, depending on the current drawing units set in the pop-up menu next to the Pen Weight edit field.
Pen Weights will be displayed accurately only if you choose True Line Weight in View > On-Screen View Options > True Line Weight. (Disabling True Line Weight here means that Line Weight will be shown as Hairlines: all lines are one pixel wide only. If you also enable Bold Cut Lines, then all Cut Lines will be 2 pixels wide.)
Note: The Hairline option (achieved by disabling True Line Weight in On-Screen View Options) affects display only. For hairline output, use the Hairline checkbox in the Print or Plot dialog box.
Note: A Pen Weight of 0.00 always produces the thinnest weight possible (i.e., one pixel on the screen or a hairline on a laser printer, depending on the printer’s resolution).