Data Safety & Integrity

(Options > Work Environment > Data Safety & Integrity)
Use the features of the Data Safety & Integrity dialog box (Options > Work Environment > Data Safety & Integrity) to minimize the risk of data loss and file corruption. This is especially important if your power lines suffer from voltage spikes or failures, or if your computer is prone to software conflicts.
The Autosave function controls a number of options protecting you against losing work. If you are forced to restart your computer or the program because of a crash, then the next time you launch ARCHICAD, a dialog box gives you the option of resuming the interrupted work.
When Autosave is triggered, the Bulldozer cursor may appear momentarily on the screen while the program saves any changes made to the Project since the last Autosave (or manual Save). Even with large Projects, Autosave should complete its cycle within a few seconds.
Important: Opening the Autosaved file at this point is the ONLY way you can recover Autosaved data; it is recommended that you open it! By opening it, you will recover the full project content at the time of the last Autosave, including half-completed PhotoRenderings. If you choose not to open it, the Autosave data will be deleted.
Autosave Folder: The Autosave Folder stores the autosaved documents at the specified location:
Choose Location and then Browse among folders on your computer or across a network.
Undo Limit: This field allows you to set the number of undoable steps.
Make Backup Copy: Mark this checkbox to create a backup copy of the previously saved version of your work, by appending the “.bak” extension to its name.
Ignore Hotlinks: Choose this option to ignore any modification made on hotlinked files. This is the fastest opening option for a file containing Modules.
Check Hotlinks and ask for update confirmation: Choose this option to look for all hotlinked files and check their modification date. An alert will appear asking you to confirm whether you want to update modifications or not. This is the default setting in the program.
Check and update Hotlinks automatically: Choose this option to update all Modules that are hotlinked to modified files.
Note: The option you choose here will be preserved in your Preferences file, but will not be saved with the Project.
Use this control to manage the number of stored Teamwork messages. Check the Limit Number of Completed Messages to box and enter the maximum number of messages you wish to store. Once you reach that limit, your oldest messages will be subsequently deleted.