Export Functions

Save as (File menu): exports the entire current ARCHICAD project or just its filtered content to an entirely new IFC file.
Merge to IFC Model (File > Interoperability > IFC ): enables you to merge only certain IFC elements (model filtering) or, alternatively, the entire content of the current ARCHICAD project into an existing (unopened) IFC file. For example, use this command if you want to add selected content from an ARCHICAD model to an IFC file from another discipline (MEP-system, structural model etc.) that was created for the same project.
Note: In case of Merge to IFC Model, the content of the existing IFC file is protected: merging a file to IFC will only add to it, without replacing any of its elements. This means that if an element to be merged has the same IFC GlobalId Attribute (in the ARCHICAD model also called ARCHICAD IFC ID) as an existing element in the IFC file, then the ARCHICAD element will be merged using a new IFC GlobalId Attribute. Thus, elements will never be overwritten as a result of a merge. This also means that the Merge to IFC Model command is not suitable for merging changes from one version of an IFC file to another version of the same file!
Publisher (Document menu): publishes views to IFC formats. Views can be published to all of the IFC formats. For each Publisher item, you can vary the Translator, so that the view content can be customized to the needs of the recipient, creating the desired output with a single click.
The selected elements in the current view.
The visible elements, based on display settings (Layers, Partial Structure display, etc.) in the current view (the view that was open when you issued the Save as command).
The entire model with the current view’s display setting, regardless of any selection or layer settings.
See Import/Export Settings for details on these settings.
Selected elements only (available only if elements have been selected)
Visible elements (on all stories)
Note: If you issue the export command from Floor Plan view (“Visible elements (on all stories)”) means all elements currently displayed on every story of the project.
All elements on current story (available only if Floor Plan is open)
Visible elements on current story (available only if Floor Plan is open)
Hint: After exporting an IFC model, it is good practice to check the IFC model in an IFC viewer (or in ARCHICAD by reopening the IFC file). There are many free IFC viewers on the market that can be readily downloaded, including: