Find and Select Elements by IFC Data

In the Find & Select dialog box (Edit > Find & Select), choose “IFC Properties” from the “Add” pop-up list to access additional criteria.
Note: In filtering by IFC Type, the “All” option means all IFC Element Types which exist in the current project (i.e., is visible in the IFC Manager).
Note: IFC Type is also determined by Element Classification. For example, if in a given view, and with the Element Type criterion set to “All Types”, you search for IfcBeam as the IFC Type, then the program will select all of the Beam elements visible in the current view whose Element Classification is set to their default value of “Beam”, plus all other elements created with other tools that have been assigned “Beam” as their Element Classification (such as a Beam drawn using the Wall tool).
Note: The “Pick Up Settings” function does not work for IFC Assignment and IFC Type Product criteria.