IFC Options

The settings defined at IFC Options (File > Interoperability > IFC) also affect the way that IFC data are created and managed.
Note: Space Containment tree view is only a visualization mode in the IFC Manager. But, if you would like to export this AC Zone (IfcSpace) relation of the elements, you have to check the “Space Containment” option for the export at the “Derived model data to export” options of the used IFC Translator. In this case, in the IFC model hierarchy, an element will be linked directly to the IfcSpace in which it is located, and will be linked only indirectly (via the IfcSpace) to its IfcSpace home story (IfcBuildingStorey).
Hint: In case of repeated IFC Merge processes with large models, your Embedded Library may become very large if many Library Parts are generated; this can cause performance problems. In this case, you should save the generated Library Parts to a linked library instead.