IFC Scheme Setup

Use IFC Scheme Setup command (File > Interoperability > IFC) to manage schemes.
Note: If you modify an IFC Scheme, then leave the dialog box, you cannot use Undo to undo the modifications. Therefore, before you make major changes to an IFC Scheme, you should first save the original scheme by exporting it in XML format.
Click the New Property/Classification button. This function is similar to the function of the same name found in the IFC Manager and Element Settings dialog boxes. For example: create an identifier-type “Ventilation Type” Property for IfcSpace entity within the Property Set called “ePset_SpaceVentilationCriteria”.
Note: Even if you do not export the current status of the IFC Scheme Setup, the saved PLN/ARCHICAD project will retain the IFC Scheme Setup, which will thus not be lost.
Library Part dependent: The selected Library Part parameter will be in effect only for elements that contain this parameter. If the Library Part parameter was defined at the Object subtype level, then the parameter mapping will take place for the child elements, too. For example, if we are mapping the “gs_list_cost”variable parameter of the GS Door Object subtype, then the mapping will be in effect for all Doors (and ifcDoors) which are child Library Part elements of theGS Door (such as Door, Double Door, Metal Door, etc.) See examples below.
Library Part independent: the parameter variable (e.g. “gs_list_cost”) will be in effect for the mapping, regardless of which Library Part it was chosen from. For example, if you select the “gs_list_cost” parameter of the Double Door for mapping as a Library Part Independent parameter, then the mapping will take place for every Door that accesses the “gs_list_cost” parameter. If this door parameter is used for mapping at the IfcElement level, then it will be mapping for all IFC entities which are child entities of the IfcElement and which include the “gs_list_cost” parameter (such as Furnishing elements, e.g. Armchair and Chair). See examples below.
Note: If the IFC Scheme Setup contains a mapping rule involving a Library Part parameter which is not loaded in the project, then the rule, the mapped IFC data, and the mapped IFC Entity data are all shown in red.
Note: By default, ARCHICAD assigns identical GlobalID attributes to the following entities: IFC Project, IFC Site, IFC Building, and IFC Story. More precisely: the Global IDs will be identical, provided that the respective ID fields, defined at ARCHICAD’s Project Info dialog box (File > Info) contain identical keywords (or no value at all). However, you can alter these keywords in the Project Info dialog box to control whether the spatial entities have identical or different GlobalIDs.