IFC Manager

The IFC Manager (File > Interoperability > IFC) provides a hierarchical overview of the current project’s IFC model database with the following functions:
Note: If you modify settings in IFC Manager, then leave the dialog box, you can undo your modifications with ARCHICAD’s Undo command.
Note: When saving, you can specify for each translator whether the save should include only scheme-specific data with values assigned; or all data.
See Export Options at IFC Translation Setup.
Note: A property whose field is empty, but whose checkbox is enabled, counts as a property that has a value assigned.
Note: If you use the button to narrow the data content, and then switch views in the project, you can update the data shown in the IFC Manager by using “Synchronize list to model”, because different views may have different active layers.
The IFC Manager locates and displays all the IFC Assignments and IFC Type Products that exist in the project, plus all the elements which refer to them. To see them, switch to “Assignments” or “Type Products” view/definition mode using the first or second icon underneath the containment tree. To narrow the displayed Assignment/Type Product data to that of the selected elements only, click the “Filter for selected element(s)” button. This way, for example, you can easily check whether any given ARCHICAD Zone (IfcSpace) belongs to one or more IFC Zones, and if so, which one(s).