Other Formats Opened by ARCHICAD

Note: To convert .xyz files to Point Cloud objects placed in ARCHICAD, see Working with Point Clouds.
Note: The text file must consist of rows of data, with each row containing three numerical entries. The row can be optionally preceded by an additional numerical ID. Use separators between the data entries. Separators must be used consistently. The separator can be a semi-colon or a white space; you can also use commas or periods, provided that you do not also use the same character as a decimal marker in this file. Any row in which the 3 data (or 3+1, in case of ID’s) is preceded or followed by a non-numerical data entry is considered a “comment” and will not be calculated. If the data in the text file is entered in an inconsistent format, a warning will appear that the file format cannot be read.
Click File > Interoperability > Place Mesh from Surveyors Data.
The Place Mesh from Surveyors Data dialog box appears:
Surveyors unit: Enter the unit for the survey data.
Define graphically: You will place the Mesh with a mouse-click in the desired location.
Use coordinates of data file: The new Mesh will be placed according to the zero-point as defined in the surveyors data file.
In this case, you can optionally Zoom to the new mesh as soon as you place it.
Project Zero is above Sea Level by: Enter the elevation of your Project Zero above Sea Level (in the Surveyors Unit you have defined). ARCHICAD will take this into account when converting the z-values of the surveyors data file into the Mesh.