Classification for IFC

Note: By default, Revit Structure will display only walls that have the “load-bearing” property in the “Structural” discipline views. But, if you forget to classify required walls as “Load-Bearing Elements” in ARCHICAD, the structural engineers can also change the bearing function of walls, or they can apply another display discipline (e.g. “Architectural”) in order to show all walls exported from ARCHICAD.
This classification is useful for listing purposes - for example, you can calculate the materials needed for all load-bearing walls or columns, separately from materials of non-load-bearing elements. Criteria in the Find & Select dialog box include: search for those elements that have been defined as load-bearing or non-load-bearing, or whose Structural Function classification is “Undefined”. Since IFC export can be limited to selected elements only, you can - for example - export all selected elements defined load-bearing (not just their Core only, as described in the example above).
Criteria in the Find & Select dialog box include: search for elements classified as either “Exterior” or “Interior”, or whose position is “Undefined”.
Note: Within ARCHICAD, the Position classification is fully usable as an ARCHICAD property (e.g. in Find & Select and Interactive Schedule). However, it will not be exported as an IFC property for certain element types (e.g. Ceiling (IfcCovering)) which are not supported by the IFC standard.