Create BIMx Hyper-Model from Publisher

Note: The Private Folder option is available only to users who have a Software Service Agreement (SSA) for ARCHICAD.
Note: The Hyper-model will include the ARCHICAD Project Info and Project Preview data.
Check Save local copy and enter a destination file path if you wish to save a local copy of the Hyper-model in addition to uploading it to the BIMx Model Transfer site.
Choose the Save files publishing method to save the Hyper-model to the selected destination path.
Choose Create single file to be access the BIMx Hyper-model format.
From the Format pop-up at the bottom of the dialog box, choose BIMx Hyper-model.
Use the Info Set pop-up to control which model element information should be available to viewers of the BIMx model on a mobile device:
The Default for BIMx output option uses data defined in an Interactive Element Schedule of this name. This schedule is provided in the factory-default ARCHICAD template (for the International market), but you are free to modify the schedule scheme as needed, or to choose a different schedule.
The Categories and Properties option uses the data defined for each element in the Categories and Properties panel of its Element Settings dialog box.
The Legacy option provides the same basic element data as in previous BIMx versions.
Choose None if you don’t want the recipient to view any element information (e.g., if the recipient will just be viewing the model geometry as a whole, and doesn’t need any details on the various component elements).
Note: BIMx Export Options is also available from the BIMx Hyper-model Wizard.
Export Options for a 3D View: Select the 3D view from the list of Publisher Set items in the Publisher, then click Options.
Note: If you are using the BIMx Hyper-model wizard, you must select a camera in the Floor Plan in order to include it in the Publisher Set.
Add cameras as separate gallery items: A separate gallery item (an image viewpoint) will be created out of each camera in the current ARCHICAD camera path
Create a single movie for the gallery: A single movie-type gallery item will be created out of the current ARCHICAD camera path
Limit navigation to gallery items: Navigation of the resulting BIMx project will be limited to just the views and clips you save to the Gallery (instead of the full project)
Note: You can cancel Global Illumination calculation, without interrupting the overall Publishing process. To cancel, select the 3D view in the Publisher dialog box. The small red X will cancel the Global Illumination calculation, but the 3D view will still be saved to the Hyper-model - without Global Illumination.