Interoperability with Green Software

Note: Five different export formats are listed. The first two (Export to gbXML and Export to PHPP) are available in every ARCHICAD as standard features. The latter three (Export to SBEM, Export to VIP-Energy and Save as Baseline Building) are functions exclusive to the EcoDesigner STAR add-on which is sold separately from ARCHICAD. These add-on specific commands remain inactive until an EcoDesigner STAR license is enabled, in addition to the ARCHICAD license.
Use the dedicated export panel to save project geometry and property data derived from the ARCHICAD model in gbXML file format.
Note: The PHPP Excel workbook is an independent product of the Darmstadt Passivhaus Institute and is not a part of GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD. For more information on PHPP and the Passivhaus Institute visit the official website at