About Hotlinked Modules

If you use the Master ID parameter in the Place Module dialog box, this ID is assigned to every construction element of that Hotlinked Module instance, as an extension of the element’s own Element ID. As a result, all elements of the module have a unique ID.
You can use the Find & Select command to locate Module elements by Hotlink.
Section/Elevation/IE markers and the contents of Section/Elevation/IE and 3D Document windows as well as Cameras of any type are skipped when placing the Module.
Linked Library Parts: Placing a Module does not import any of its linked Library Parts. Make sure that the Library Parts used by the source are also available to the host, by doing one of the following:
Embedded Library Parts: Placing a module will add the source file’s entire Embedded library to your host file’s embedded library. The newly added Embedded library can be seen in your Library Manager, inside the automatically created “Hotlinks” folder of your Embedded library. In this folder, each hotlink source file is listed separately along with all of their embedded objects. These objects will be updated in your host project if they are updated in the source project.
Important: It is not recommended to place any these objects into your project separately. These objects will be deleted from the Embedded Library if the hotlinked module is deleted from the project, or if all placed instances of the module are deleted. (You will notice the deletions after you re-open the host file.)
Stories: When you create a Module that contains multi-story elements, or which includes several stories, you have the option of including all stories or selected stories as part of the module.
Pen Colors: The settings of the current Project will be applied to the Module.
Surfaces, Line Types, Fill Types and Composites: If the elements of the Hotlinked Module use attributes that have the same names as those of the current Project, they will use the attributes of the host file. If no surface, line type, fill type or composite of that name exists, new attributes will be added to the host file. However, once an attribute is part of the host file, that attribute will not be updated by any modifications to the same attribute in the source file.
Note: Attributes imported with Hotlinked Modules are added permanently to the Project, i.e., they will not be removed when deleting Hotlinks or Modules.