Hotlinked Modules and XREFs in Teamwork

Go to the Hotlink Manager (File > External Content > Hotlink Manager) and click Reserve.
Updating a hotlink will update all module instances, regardless of who owns the instances.
If you Change or Delete or Relink a hotlinked module in the Hotlink Manager, this action will affect only those instances of the hotlinked module which you have reserved.
In Module Settings, use the Explode Hotlink of Selected Modules command.
Note: With this Explode command, any dimensions that were added to elements in the module will be lost. Also, Solid Element Operations connections will be lost.
Hint: Reserve hotlinked modules you want to relink/relocate before going to the Hotlink Manager.
In Teamwork, the Relocate command in the bottom section of the Hotlink Manager is available if you multi-select Hotlink sources from the list. However, if your multi-selection includes one or more pln source files, the Relocate command will not work for the “From a Teamwork file” option. (The reason is that the program tries to locate new source files of the same name and extension as the ones you selected, but Teamwork projects do not have a file extension.) The solution is to relink each source file to a Teamwork file individually.