Publisher Function

Note: The Publisher Map is available in the Navigator Palette and Organizer only. (Window > Palette). It is not available in the pop-up Navigator.
Use the Document > Publish menu command
To define a new Publisher set, click the New Publisher Set button, then give the Publisher Set a name.
Click the Add Shortcut command at the bottom of the View Map/Layout Map
Use Add Shortcut to ensure that folders of the Layout Book and View Map are recreated in updated form in the Publisher Set.
If you select a folder from the Layout Book or View Map folder, the Add Shortcut button will create a shortcut linking the selected folder or Subset to a corresponding folder in the Publisher Set at the right. Any changes to the contents of the folder or Subset will also take place in the linked Publisher Set folder.
Use the Custom Name option to define any name for the item(s).
The Autotext options can help you conform to local file naming conventions:
Folder Name: Renames the item using the folder name in which it is located
Folder Structure Name: Renames the item using the entire folder path of the item’s location in the Publisher Set
Publisher Set Name: Renames the item using the Publisher Set name
Source ID: Renames the item using View ID or Layout ID, depending on the source of the Publisher item
Source Item Name: Renames the item using View Name or Layout Name, depending on the source of the Publisher item
Automatic Name means that the Publisher item will have the same name as its source (e.g. Layout name or Drawing name).
Note: A folder in the Publisher which was created as a shortcut from the View Map or Layout Book can also have an Automatic name: this is the same name as the name of the original View Map folder/Layout Book subset.
Use the Publisher Set Properties Dialog Box to choose a Publishing method.
Click the Publishing Properties button in the Navigator or Organizer; or
Click the Publishing Properties command button among the command icons.
The Print and Plot choices have no additional formatting choices.
If you choose Save files, you have the following options:
Create single file: Use this option to save the entire Publisher Set to a single file. The available formats are PDF and BIMx Hyper-model.
Create a real folder structure: Click this button to save your files in a hierarchical structure.
Create flat file structure: Click this button to save your files in a flat structure.
Path: Enter the path of the folder you want to save your files in, or click Browse to locate a folder.