The File > Plot command brings up the Plot 2D Document dialog box.
Note: The following descriptions are based on the Windows interface.
Note: Many current large-format output devices come with printer drivers which make the device function as a system printer. If the device is also HPGL compatible, you can use the dedicated plotter drivers provided by GRAPHISOFT.
Choose File > Plot Setup to open the Plot Setup dialog box.
Note: The ReadMe file also contains extensive information on issues related to plotting, such as recommendations on the choice of drivers and cables, and network plotting.
You can only plot graphic data from ARCHICAD. If a text window is in front, both the Plot Setup and Plot commands appear in gray in the File menu.
Spool Folder: You can output a print/plot job into a file in both Printing and Plotting. However, if you need to collect your output jobs into a spool folder, use the Plotting function. Set the location of the Spool Folder in the Plot Setup dialog box.
Grayscale Output Color: When Plotting, you have the option to select the color choice of the output: Color, Grayscale and Black and White are the available options. The Print dialog box lets you mark the Black and White checkbox if you prefer Black/White to color. (You can, however, also achieve grayscale output when printing: use grayscale Pen Sets for Model Views, or set grayscale display for Drawings placed on Layouts.)
Speed: Plotting is generally faster than Printing, so if you have a high-volume output job, you should consider Plotting.