Managing and Updating Placed Drawings

Automatic update. This means that the drawing placed on the layout will be updated automatically when the layout is activated (brought to front or selected for output). Automatic updates also occur before publishing. If a drawing comes from a different source than the currently opened project file, then ARCHICAD will check whether it requires updating or not, and perform an update if necessary.
Note on Auto-Update Drawings in Teamwork: In a Teamwork project, an auto-update Drawing with an external source (e.g. external project, PDF, DWG, PNG) will be updated only if you have reserved that Drawing.
Manual update. This means that the drawing is frozen in the state its source view or file was in when placed on the layout or updated. This can be useful if you wish to keep the drawings untouched until they are approved or you are ready to move on to the next stage in your work. Manual-update Drawings are updated only if you issue an update command.
The Drawing Manager palette is the place where you can check the status of the placed drawings, modify their update type, reestablish, repair or change links.
The Drawing Manager can be accessed from the Window > Palettes menu. You can also access Drawing Manager by clicking the top left icon in the Navigator or Organizer palette and choosing the Show Drawing Manager command.
Note: If you enable the “Cut Plane” column, it will display the Cut Plane height of the Drawing’s source, when applicable. This field will display “N/A” (not applicable) if the drawing is not based on a Floor Plan viewpoint, and/or if the drawing was created in an earlier version of ARCHICAD that does not use Cut Planes.
Note: You cannot edit a selected drawing’s parameters directly in the Drawing Manager. To edit drawing parameters, use Drawing Settings.
When opening a project that includes drawings whose source views or files have been modified, the Update Drawings dialog box is displayed. You can then either choose to ignore this warning, update all drawing links or go the Drawing Manager and decide to only update selected ones.