Drawing Titles

Note: Drawings placed in Model Views do not have Titles.
Drawing Titles are laid out automatically with the associated drawing. A Drawing Title is a sub-element of the drawing. Using the Drawing Title Panel of the Drawing Settings dialog box, you can define, assign and format Title Types according to your preferences and create new ones as Library Parts.
In the Layout window, use the available 2D tools (e.g. lines, text blocks) to design a Title Type to fit your needs. Select the components of this new Title Type. Use File > Libraries and Objects > Save Selection as > Drawing Title to save this object. Once saved, your Title Type is available from the pop-up in the Title panel of Drawing Settings.
You can subsequently edit this custom-created Title Type graphically: Use File > Libraries and Objects > Open Object. From the directory dialog box, select the Title Type you want to edit. Click “2D Symbol” to access the graphical editing window for this object. Make your changes using 2D tools.
Note: Make sure the scale of the GDL 2D symbol window is set to 1:1, to make editing easier.
The Drawing Title Panel of Drawing Settings gives you access to the Back Reference function.
Back Reference allows you to add Layout ID information to the Drawing Title: specifically, the ID of one or more Layouts that contain a Drawing that shows the source marker of the current Drawing. Thus, the Back Reference function is useful if the current Drawing is based on a Section, Elevation, Interior Elevation, Detail or Worksheet.
Click Back Reference to bring up the dialog box of the same name.
First check the Enable Back Reference box, then select one or more of the Layouts whose ID you wish to display. (Check Select All available if you want the Drawing Title to display the ID’s of all Layouts listed here.)
Note: Make sure that the parameters of the Drawing Title object you are using have enabled the Back Reference function: