Create Schedule of Surfaces

Note: Before using the Surface Schedule feature, make sure you are not working in “legacy” intersection mode. (Uncheck this option at Options > Project Preferences > Legacy.)
All Finishes lists every visible surface in the model with its total exposed area.
Finishes of Elements lists the visible surfaces used by each element type, with their respective exposed areas.
Finishes of Openings lists the surfaces (excluding glass) of Doors and Windows. That is, the schedule lists the surfaces used for frame, casing, and accessories such as shutters, board, and sill).
Exposed Area is just that: that part of an element’s surface that would be covered by a paint bomb. In the follow diagram, the dark blue area is considered as “Exposed”, the light blue areas are considered as “Covered”.
You can define exactly what counts as exposed, using the Reduced Exposed Area control in the Scheme Settings of your Surface List (see below).
In the Reduce Exposed Area dialog box, define criteria for elements that should be considered as covering the surface.
However, in this example, objects, lamps and zones should not affect a wall’s exposed area, so they are expressly excluded.
Hide Surfaces with Zero Exposed Area: This is checked by default. Areas that are unexposed and therefore have zero visible area are not shown in the schedule.