Contents of the Worksheet Window

Note: The following also apply to Detail drawings. (However, by default, Detail drawings do not include annotations or dimensions at all, unless you uncheck “Copy Construction elements only” in Detail Settings.)
Figures and Drawings: if at least one reference point is inside the worksheet boundary, the entire Figure or Drawing will be included in the Worksheet.
Labels: Arrowhead must be inside the boundary.
Dimensions: The relevant reference point(s) or the dimension’s endpoints must be inside the boundary.
Detail markers: If a detail viewpoint’s origin (the “X”) or endpoint of a marker falls within the boundary, the entire marker is included in the Worksheet.
Section and Elevation Markers: If any part of a Section or Elevation line is included in the boundary, the Section/Elevation marker (a GDL object) will be included in the Worksheet, although the line’s geometry may be different (the line may be shorter) if the boundary includes only part of the Section/Elevation line.
Note: Interior Elevation markers, unlike Section/Elevation markers, are cut by the boundary and appear in the Worksheet as exploded line/fill components.