Saving 3D Elements as Library Parts

Note: In the 3D window, unless you set up a special 3D projection (e.g. axonometry side view), the object will always be saved using its top view.
Note: If you do not want to show all the lines of the model in the 2D symbol, use the hidden line or the shading representation from View > 3D View Options.
Select, then save the object with the File > Libraries and Objects > Save Selection as command, and choose Object.
In the Save Object dialog which appears, enter a name and choose the desired folder location for the object:
Note: You must reserve the BIM Server Library folder before saving to it
Click Save.
The Change Object’s Basic Settings dialog box appears. Here, you can define the new library part’s default Surfaces, Fills and Pens. Even after placing the library part, you can further fine-tune these attributes in Object Settings.
Click OK.
In the View > 3D View Options > 3D Projection Settings dialog box (Parallel projection), set the desired projection. ARCHICAD will automatically rotate the library part according to this setting.
For example, if your model is lying on its side (see the chair object below) set the following: side view, azimuth=90°.