Updating Zones

To adjust Zones to your updated design and recalculate the Zone area, use the Design > Update Zones command. The Update Zones dialog box also alerts you to any problematic Zones that might have been created.
Note: You cannot update manually created zones.
Status: This is where ARCHICAD tells you if the Zone could be updated, and if not, what the nature of the problem is. The icons appearing in this field represent the following:
The layer on which the Zone resides is locked. Unlock the layer in the Layer Settings dialog box and repeat the update process.
The Zone you are trying to update cannot be properly adjusted, because it has difficulty in finding all of its edges. Click the Zoom to Selected Zones button to find the Zone. Fix the problem and repeat the update process.
No.: This column contains the number that has been assigned to the particular Zone.
Name: This column contains the name of the Zone.
Added m2: This column contains information on how the Zone has changed. (You can change the area unit in the pop-up menu in the upper right portion of the dialog box.)
To remove the 3D zone space crop, check the Remove Crop from Top if updated and/or Remove Crop from Bottom if updated checkboxes.
Note: If you leave these checkboxes unchecked, conflicts may arise in certain geometric configurations.