Create a Beam

Note: If you are drawing an inclined beam, only the Single Beam method is available.
The Single Beam method produces a beam element by clicking twice, at the reference line’s starting point and endpoint.
The Chained method creates a sequence of connected beam elements with automatically coincident reference line endpoints. The process for drawing chained Beams is the same as for Walls.
The Rectangle Beam produces four beam elements with coincident nodes and aligned to the X and Y axes. Define the rectangle by clicking the starting point and the endpoint of one of its diagonal lines.
The Rotated Rectangle Beam method (access it by clicking the drop-down arrow from the Rectangle Beam icon) produces four beam elements with coincident nodes, the first side of the rectangle being defined by the first two mouse clicks at their endpoints and the perpendicular side defined by the third mouse click.
Note: To draw a full circular Beam, double-click when defining its radius.
Tangential: Define a full circular Beam based on three tangential edges or points.
Note: Since Beams need to have two endpoints, the fully closed circular Beam that you draw will in fact consist of two half-circles. Beams in the forms of full ellipses, elliptic arcs or splines cannot be created directly, but you can trace the shapes of plain drawing elements with the Magic Wand.
Note: The inclined option is not available for curved beams.