Virtual Trace: Using References to Edit and Compare Model Views and Drawings

Viewpoints. Any item in the Navigator’s Project Map (except 3D window items and list-type items) can be set as a Reference. The Reference Viewpoint will always reflect the current settings of the active window.
Views. Any view in the Navigator’s View Map (except 3D window items and list-type items) can be set as a Reference. The Reference’s view settings are independent of the active window. For example, if you change the layer combination in the active window, the Reference won’t change. If a view is deleted from the view map, its Reference is no longer available.
Layouts (and their drawings).
Reference settings are saved along with the window (for example, each Section in your project can have a Reference of a different color and filter different elements).
References are also saved with the project file. All user-defined Reference-related parameters, such as the list of recent References and recently chosen Reference colors, are saved together with the project file.
When using the Print command to output a model window or a Layout, you can opt to print the currently visible Reference as well.
When you place a Drawing onto a Layout, the Drawing content will not include the Reference.
You can use the Pick Up Parameters command (Alt +C) on Reference elements, then transfer the parameters to an element in the Active.
You can use the Trim command, the Magic Wand, and snap points with elements in the Reference to edit Active elements.