Find and Select Elements

Use the Find & Select Palette to select and deselect elements based on defined criteria.
Open this palette from Edit > Find & Select;
The Selected and Editable values at bottom left give you feedback on the currently selected elements in the project.
Note: The controls of this dialog box are similar to those in the Reserve Elements dialog box used in Teamwork.
In the Criteria list, the first line is always Element Type, since the Find & Select function finds only elements.
To search for more element types, click the Add pop-up and select another Element Type.
Click the Plus button to find and select all elements that fit your defined criteria.
Note: The two Criteria (Element is Wall, Element is Column) are joined as an “or” statement, so that when you click the Plus sign, ARCHICAD will Find and Select every element that is either a Wall or a Column.
Click the Add button to bring up a list of Parameters & Properties.
Note: Defining a “Layer” or “Layer Combination” as a criterion means that the program will find and select the elements which are visible according to the given Layer Combination.
When you are done setting up the criteria, click the Plus button to select all the elements that fit these criteria.
Note: Different criteria types (e.g. Element Type, Layer) are joined to each other by “and” statements.
Click the Minus button to deselect all the elements that fit the current criteria in the Find & Select Palette.
The Find & Select Palette (Edit > Find & Select) has several built-in Criteria Sets.
Note: Your stored Criteria Sets can be made available in Teamwork projects, both to Find & Select elements and to reserve elements by criteria.
See Define Reservation Criteria in the Teamwork section of ARCHICAD Help.
In the Find & Select dialog box, define the criteria you want to search by (e.g. Element Type, Layer).
Click the Pick up Settings button to activate it.
In the project, Alt+click an element whose settings you want to load.
If you have placed a Marquee, then the Find & Select includes the Marquee criterion automatically. You can then opt to search either inside or outside the Marquee.
If any elements are selected, the second button - Copy Settings - becomes active. Click the button to load the settings of the last selected element into the Find & Select dialog box.