The Project Origin is a constant location which remains fixed for the life of your Project. The Project Origin of the coordinate system, marked with an X, is close to the lower left corner of the Floor Plan window, when using the default view of the default template. (The Coordinates Palette shows the coordinates as (0, 0).
The Edit Origin appears automatically when you click to begin input. It is a temporary origin that appears as an x during drafting and editing operations only.
In the Tracker, coordinates are measured from the Edit Origin by default: these are Relative Coordinates.
Note: Use the Tracker menu from the Standard Toolbar to toggle the Relative Coordinates in Tracker preference on or off.
By default, the User Origin is located at the Project Origin. However, the User Origin can be moved to any location, allowing you to “reset the zero point” to any location.
There are three ways to reposition the User Origin:
At any element node: click Alt + Shift (Mac: Opt + Shift).
At any location in a model window: Click the Move User Origin button from the Standard toolbar (or the Coordinates palette), then click at any point in the window. The origin is instantly relocated there.
Use a Snap Reference point as the User Origin:
Note: If you have manually relocated the User Origin, the Snap Reference is not used as a User Origin.