Organizer Palette

The Organizer is related to and opened from the Navigator Palette. It houses essentially the same controls, but has a double-tree structure to make it easier to move and copy views and layouts from one map to the other.
Window > Palettes > Organizer
View Editor mode (Project Map on the left, View Map on the right): Save views by selecting a viewpoint from the Project Map and clicking Save view, or drag and drop it into the View Map.
In View Editor mode, you can access the View Settings and Storing Options below the Project Map. Use the pop-ups to change the settings of the selected Project Map viewpoint.
Layout Editor mode (Layout Book on the right): Place Drawings onto Layouts by selecting a view from the Project or View Map (on the left), then clicking Place Drawing, or drag and drop it onto a Layout (on the right).
Publisher (Publisher on the Right): To add a view or layout (on the left) to a Publisher set (on the right), select a view or layout and click Add Shortcut.
If you select a Subset in the Layout Map, the Add Shortcut button will create a folder in the Publisher Set which corresponds to that Subset: if you change or add items in the original subset, the Publisher Set folder will reflect these changes automatically. However, if you drag and drop a Subset into the Publishing Set, a folder is created, but this folder is not linked to any subsequent modifications to the Subset.
See Publisher Function for more information.
If you have the same map shown on both sides of the Organizer Palette, the Copy Shortcut button will duplicate the selected item on both sides (since both trees represent a single identical map).