Troubleshooting Library Issues

The Library Loading Report appears if the project is missing any objects or if objects are duplicated in different libraries. The Library Loading Report shows the number of missing objects, followed by the total number of their placed instances in parentheses.
Note: You can also choose “Is Not Missing” as the value; this will select all instances of the defined GDL Object types, except for the ones whose library object is missing.
The solution is to click Add Linked Library from the Library Manager’s Add button, and browse for the library file under its new name or location.
Click More Info at the bottom of Library Manager for detailed information on the duplicates:
An object in this category has been placed in the project, but several possible substitutes for this object (that is, objects with the same ID as the placed object, though they may be named differently) exist in at least two linked libraries. ARCHICAD randomly uses one or the other source for the object’s placed instances.
Note: The Consolidate button appears in Library Manager any time that at least one outdated ARCHICAD Library - that is, a Library which is not the latest one - has been added to the project.
Go to File > Libraries and Objects > Manage BIMcloud/BIM Server Libraries.
Download the BIMcloud/BIM Server library to a folder on your hard drive.
Create a container file (.lcf) out of the library folder, using File > Libraries and Objects > Create Container.
Go to File > Libraries and Objects > Manage BIMcloud/BIM Server Libraries and use Update to overwrite the server library with the .lcf file, or the restructured folder.